Story 23


Dr. Ritchie in His Study

One of the early photographs I made for my Generation to Generation photo-essay on orthodox Jewish communities in America.  We spent a Shabbat with Dr. Ritchie and his wife at their home in Los Angeles in 1985.  It is customary to light at least two candles to bring in the Sabbath but I remember his wife lighting so many candles that they stretched the length of the very large fire mantel.  During our meal I mentioned that I wanted to include his portrait in the essay I was working on, to which he agreed.  When I returned to their house a few days later, he led me to his study and sat proudly wearing his finest Shabbat clothes, a full length, black silk, damask coat and a very fine ‘Shtreimel’ (a fur hat worn on the Sabbath and holidays by ultra-orthodox married men).  I was impressed by how imposing he looked.

Dor Vador - Generation to Generation is part of the permanent collection of The Museum of Fine Art - Houston. 

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